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"Free vehicle" Zone-Sonora


Mar 27, 2007, 7:46 AM

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"Free vehicle" Zone-Sonora

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I stopped at the Km98 permit stop,just south of Empalme a couple of weeks ago. I was heading for Navajoa to visit friends.

There are various misconceptions about this "Free Zone". After talking with the official there,and reading the literature available,here are some points.

The "Zone" allows for "no documentation needed" entry into Sonora at all points from Douglas-Agua Prieta ) Mex.2 westwards,and is in force all the way down Mex 15,including Hermosillo,Guaymas,San Carlos,Empalme to Km98.

If you go east,or south of this area,you will require an "Only Sonora" vehicle permit. It requires the same documentation as the "All Mexico" permit,and costs about US$20. It must be returned when exiting Mexico at the "Only Sonora" border stations.

You can also purchase the "All Mexico" permits at Km98-about US$27.

There are toilets at the station(outdoor type-but clean),drink vending machines,some shaded areas,and the building is air-conditioned.

Buen viaje.


Apr 26, 2007, 10:01 PM

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Re: [mkirkpatrick] "Free vehicle" Zone-Sonora

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No documentation needed is a joke. Try getting through the checkpoint at 'San Antonio' after entering from Douglas-Agua Prieta on Hiway 2. We spent an hour in vain explaining the new Sonora policy to an overly ambitious Mexican paper tracker. We retraced back to Naco and reentered through Nogales. The details can be the devil.

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