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Oct 25, 2006, 9:37 AM

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Re: [arbon] (What is) Mexico's Middle Class

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Agreed, arbon. Why wealth plus a certain level of ruthlessness and in some societies: inherited ( usually by belonging to gentry) social status equals POWER, equals upper class, education, even without money, gives a shot at some INFLUENCE = upper middle class. More than merely making money... but I am a European "sangrona", born and raised in a country where - still less than a century ago - landed gentry could only engage in agriculture or academia if they wanted to keep their social prestige, because entrepreneurship of any kind would automatically deprive them of their titles and relegate them to middle class... so my gut reaction to making money (social validity of merely economic factors) is slightly different than a gut reaction of Americans who, since birth, were given rubber barons as role models ;-)
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