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Aug 31, 2006, 8:49 AM

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Re: [esperanza] Lethal Fish?

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True, I did not know he was speaking specifically of restaurants at Piedra Barrenada about which I know absolutely nothing. I have never eaten a single meal at that restaurant row or the one in Chapala as I have a prejudice that comes from my experiences on the U.S. Gulf and West Coasts and in Europe that lead me to believe that most restaurants right on the seas or docks catering to tourists are not to be trusted in general. For instance, most people living in San Francisco for any length of time would never eat in most restaurants in Fisherman´s Wharf, especially if they are in one of those restaurant row locations along the bay. If you eat on a boat dock on the French Riviera the same general rule applies I bow to your experience and plan to join you at Piedra Barrenada some day.

I will say that the generally mediocre restaurants one finds at Fisherman´s Wharf, along the touristy areas of the French Riviera or, say, along the Oregon Coast, do unfairly reflect on some very good restaurants located among these restaurants and favored by knowledgable locals. Las Gaviotas must be among them around here..

I don´t believe anything I said contradicts what you are saying and that is that these disgusting carp and talapia are widely sold around the lake by both fish mongers and many restaurants. There are many restaurateurs in Mexico in general who wouldn´t hesitate to call a fried carp a red snapper any day of the week or put carp in their tacos. That´s the reason I said you should be sure you trust your vendor or restaurateur before you eat fish or shellfish in a restaurant as you do with Las Gaviotas.

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