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Aug 15, 2006, 6:45 AM

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Re: [nfabq] Introduce yourself

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.(Aside to Bubba--you didn't deal with my dirty underwear--I wore them) It wasn't until after the war that we learned the ashes that covered us every day were humans that the "civilized" Germans murdered.

Well, Norm, you are right that it was not your underwear that was being cleaned by the quartermaster at Dachau in 1965 when I was there and it was a NATO base with American, French, Turkish and other soldiers stationed there. We worked in an industrial laundry building that had been worked by prisoners during the war with catwalks and the works. We spent our nights in the old SS barracks.

Some interesting facts about Dachau. Dachau was a concentration camp and not an extermination camp along the lines of Bergen Belsen and, while they had gas chambers there they were never used. I was told that prisoners who died there died of natural causes or from starving or having been murdered by guards or camp administrators. In 1966 there were still a number of ex-prisoners living in the camp who had found themselves homeless after the war and were, therefore, allowed to stay there. In addition to the crematoria, they had some mass graves which had been rendered into the most beautiful parks. Pretty spooky.

There were several of us hippy type vagabond Americans living and working there then for $1.00USD an hour and a bunch of ancient German women who were much more productive than were we and could process that GI laundry much faster than we could yet they made $0.30USD an hour. It was disgusting work requiring us to sort laundry by type and throw it on a conveyor belt held together by large pins. One holds human beings in less esteem after a few months of that. Special good times awaited when GIs returned from bivouac.

The best base bar was French.. French beer from Strasbourg was $0.25 a bottle. We got drunk a lot.

Dachau itself is a charming ancient Bavarian town which just happened to have an old army base at its edge in the 1930s which was convenient for a concentration camp so that was the town´s bad luck. One night in Schwabing I was trying hard to pick up this Jewish girl in a bar and was unsuccesful. Later, she told me that she had been offended when I innocently told her I was living in Dachau. She didn´t know there was a town there and thought I was just trying to be a jerk. That must have been my all time worst pickup line. Hell, she asked me where I lived!

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