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Jun 12, 2004, 5:02 PM

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Re: [TomG] The Subject of Mescal

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Y'all are cracking the old redneck up.

I must say that whether one is eating in the rural South Alabama of Bubba's youth, the Loire Valley of Bubba's middle passage or the Mexico of bubba's excellent latter years, food and drink prepared in the homes of the locals is almost always far and away superior to that experienced in commercial establishments thereabouts.

I regret, Esperanza, that. upon your visit to the maison de Bubba, we did not share with you the aperitif concoction we made from the Seville Oranges grown in our yard here in Ajijic and made from an old recipe from Tours. Next time you bring the kidneys and tortillas and we will supply the drinks. And, if one is to get sick, get me sick on unpasturized French cheeses, Baby Jesus, and homemade French farmer's calvados from his personal apple orchard thank you very much! I'd rather endure the potential resulting liver crisis from that than spend a week or more in bed from a Carl's Jr.

Every place on Earth, with the possible exception of Kansas, has something to offer to the willing.

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