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Jun 12, 2004, 4:30 PM

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Re: [Bubba] The Subject of Mescal

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Upper class Mexicans are often appalled when told by Gringos that they partake of food and drink in rural Mexico. It seems that he and other doctors, meeting in Cancun (of course), had decided that mescal was dangerous and could give you hepatitis - especially if you are an extranjero. Methinks the communal shot glass is more dangerous that the liquid therein.

Communal shot glass! Bubba! Your small town friends must be upscale. If you are not drinking your mescal out of used plastic 2-litre coke bottles, you are not among common folk. I told you those Zapotecs in Teotitlan de Valle were way too uppity.

As for you selling your truck for money and various goods....Oh, man! You have got to render a full report of how that goes. I'd say be careful, but jeez you are a banker. A banker going head to head with a Teotitlan rug dealer in a multi-goods swap. Quien sabe.

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As an aside, one of our best friends who is a sales manager for a company importing a number of French wines, travels extensively and lives in hoity-toity Connecticut, has been the victim of food-borne parasites twice this year after traveling to France and Manhattan for foodie adventures. We told her she should move down here where the food is safe.

You get what you pay for = hoity-toity parasites. There is a lot more honor in that.

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Wouldn't pulque be more dangerous than its distilled cousin? Maybe I will try that as well next time and see which one makes me sickest.

Pulque is a tricky. That is why I recommend drinking it as far away from cities as you can. You need to be way out past where it pays to juice it up. Pulque is not strong, I would say less strong then beer. It's real soul food, and tasty. There is also a cane concoction made the same way to about the same strength. Cane >< maguey - take the maguey, which is the pulque. My guess is that maguey juice is in a whole different class from cane nutritionally.

As for Wendy's negative rumor on the origins of the activator in pulque: jeez, I didn't detect any aftertaste. Quien sabe. I'm going to ask around. I know F's family to be real broad range homebrew makers. R. and I just sipped the finals on an reused glass liquor bottle-full of some mighty smooth orange homebrewed liquor. They are my capauline suppliers as well.

Oh, and your doctor: you need to get that guy a pair of tennis shoes, then get him out and show him Mexico. Talk about gringos living in a bubble, some Mexicans can match them isolation for isolation.

Keep your sails in the wind;

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