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Guapo Gabacho

Nov 13, 2003, 4:25 PM

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Re: [Carianna] Not in a resort area

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Why not compare your $1,000 USD ($11,000 MN) monthly income with the locals? Puts you in the middle class and you don't have everyone in the family to comprise the household.

A Upper Class

This group is about 3% of the population, a small sector but with income and consumer habits easily comparable to upper strata in more developed countries. The key definition by income here is generally $200,000 MN per month and up in household earnings, making it technically difficult for anyone in public employment to be included. There may be a handful of exception.

B Upper Middle Class

The Upper Middle Class is a bit more than twice as big, about 7% of the population. It is the most publicly “visible” group of “well off” families with perhaps somewhat less income but much more in the comforts of service and lifestyle than their counterparts in other countries. With monthly household family income in the $55,000 MN to $200,000 range, this group includes high executives in both the public and private sectors.

C Middle Class

The broad middle class constitutes about a fifth of the population, but is a volatile group with the ambiguities of desire for upward mobility and fear at the prospects of downward mobility. Monthly household family income ranges from $7,000 MN to $55,000. This group includes the bulk of middle managers, small business operators, some university professors and other privileged unionized workers.

D Working Class

Constituting half the population, these various sectors of workers, farmers and small business operators are better described in the current context as the working poor. Many are in the informal economy, or move back and forth between formal and informal economic roles. Monthly household income ranges from $1,500 MN to $7,000. E Marginal Sectors

The bottom 20% of the population is in extreme poverty, at the margins of or outside of the institutions of the society, along with the formal cash and credit economy. They are found throughout the country in urban and rural areas, and include most of the indigenous population. Monthly household income is less than $1,500 MN.

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