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Sep 6, 2017, 2:25 PM

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Re: [Bothshallrow] Attorney

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NOTE: I wrote this earlier in the day but I guess it did not Post.....

If it were me, and I was going for a 1-year stay to see if it is 'a fit', I would NOT apply for a Residence card and all that process entails at this time, but would rather just go in with a 180-day Tourist card FMM. Yes, before the end of that 6-month period one will have to drive back to the border to cancel that one and get a new 180-day FMM but from San Carlos that is not a big problem... and maybe you would want to do some shopping anyway.

Also, if you do NOT plan on driving your vehicle any farther south than Guaymas, and therefore out of the "Sonora Only Free Zone", you would not even have to get a temporary vehicle import sticker, TIP.

If you do plan on driving past Guaymas you can get the TIP online... and for that matter the Tourist Card also, prior to leaving. They will be shipped to your US address in just a couple of days after you complete your application.

IF you still wish to go the Residency route, you really don't have to have an attorney. Tons of people do it alone. You could go to any US Mexican Consulate. They can/will give you the requirements. Once you go to the Consulate you will get preliminary paperwork for Residency. From that point you have 6 months to enter Mexico and once in Mexico 30-days to report to the nearest INM office to San Carlos.... 'probably' Guaymas but maybe Hermosillo. After that visit you will wait for some period of time... 4-8 weeks?.... before your Residente Temporal visa will be available for pickup at the INM office. During that period you may NOT leave Mexico unless you get an approval letter from INM.

Even with a Residente Temporal visa, one must have a TIP to venture south of Guaymas and out of the Senora Only Zone.

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