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May 22, 2017, 5:20 PM

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Re: [poisonorchid] How much liquor can one bring back via car?

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From the Texas Alcohol website..... although this doesn't give the amount, Texas will tax you on the alcohol... and quite a bit. One bottle of wine a couple of weeks ago was $3.50!

How much alcohol can I bring back from Mexico and other locations outside of Texas?

If you are coming into Texas from outside the state or country, the maximum quantity of alcoholic beverages that you can bring back into Texas is:
1 gallon of distilled spirits
3 gallons of wine and
24 twelve-ounce containers of beer.

Please remember that there can be no substitutions between the types of beverages. Also, the importation of alcoholic beverages must be for personal consumption and they cannot occur more than once in a 30-day period. The person making the importation must accompany the alcoholic beverages. Minors (persons under 21 years of age) or intoxicated persons may not bring alcoholic beverages into Texas under this provision.

  • All alcoholic beverage containers imported into Texas are subject to the state liquor tax and a $3.00 administrative fee. This fee is included in the posted tax rates.
  • Payment of the fees and taxes are documented by a tax stamp placed on the bottle.
  • Please note that failure to pay the tax and obtain the appropriate stamp will subject violators to a fine ranging from $100 to $1,000 and/or a jail term of up to one year.

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