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May 22, 2017, 10:52 AM

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Re: [rpond] attituide towards Americans

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I said hello to a younger Mexican that I had not seen for maybe 4 years, And he shouted an answer in a very loud voice, "How are you doing , son of Donald Trump. There were only Mexican Nationals who heard it and I answered in Mexican slang Don't BS me dude, and said that he was bad for both Mexico and the US.

Mexicans around me only a few of whom knew me cheered and verbally ran the guy off. Do I really feel that strongly about how bad the President is? NO but I did not want to look like a fool. No I did not vote for President Trump, but he won and he is the President. And we are learning that many of the negative things he said while running for office are not the things that he is doing now. They still do not like him, but they do not fear him as much.

So what I am seeing is a lessening of the fear and/or hatred the Mexicans have for the President and therefore a lessening of anger toward US citizens. I hope someone else will jump in and tell us his/her experiences.

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