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Jun 22, 2016, 4:25 AM

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Re: [RickS] Moving to Chihuahua in 1 year

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Not all your answers but a couple of thoughts....

You can actually own property on any visa... even a Tourist Visa.

The visas are no longer called FM2 and FM3... those went bye-bye a couple of years ago. There is the 180-day Tourist card, non renewable. The others are Residente Temporal (roughly an FM3) and Residente Permanente.

Both have financial requirements which must be met. The Temporal must be renewed every year with fees for a maximum of 4 years on the visa total. Then one must move to a Permanente (or go back NOB and re-apply at a Mexican Consulate, again having to meet financial requirements. One can move from Temporal to Permanente before the 4 years if desired.
Once a Permanente, annual trips to INM are over as are fees so many go Permanente sooner than later.

One can only have a foreign plated car in Mexico on a Tourist card or Temporal visa. If one spouse is Permante and the other is a Temporal, the Permanente can drive the 'family' car. Otherwise, A Permanente cannot have a foreign plated car.

One can get 'permission' to work with either visa but there are special requirements (which can be determined by asking that question).

Being married to a Mexican National also brings with it some 'privileges' with regards to all this but someone else will have to address that.

A couple of oversights. The possibility that the house might be less than 100 kilometers from the border means foreigners needs a fideicomiso to own it or 50% of it. Chihuahua the state in on the border. Chihuahua the city is inland about 350 kilometers from Cd. Juarez.

It helps when posters use the correct location as some states and cities have the same name in Mexico.

Being married to a Mexican National has some big advantages. With a FMM tourist card the spouse may apply for residency under the "Vinculo Familiar" law at their local INM office inside Mexico and no financial solvency is required. Another is they can apply for an RT visa/card for 1 to 4 years. If they apply for a 2 year RT card they can apply for a RP card after 2 years and again with no financial solvency required.

Also when a foreigner gets a RT visa with financial solvency they get it for 1 year and after 1 year they can renew for 1, 2, or 3 years, no anual renewals unless they want to do it.

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