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May 16, 2016, 10:35 AM

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Re: [NorthAmericanTraveler] San Antonio to Puerto Vallarta- best route from Laredo?

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Well, not me (taking 54 from Zacatecas down to Guadalajara). And it is shorter in mileage but NOT in time... but is without toll.

Why not? Because it is not an 'easy' drive. I've taken that route (and highway 23 roughly between those two cities) in the past. AND I took it again 6 weeks ago northbound just to satisfy myself that I was not being misinformed about the route due to time-passage since I last drove it. I am not!

The road has these 'problems':
- It is 2-lane and not a wide 2-lane at that
- The 'bottom half' is a very twisty/curvy road (and I'm used to driving mountainous roads)
- I could only average 40 mph (I checked) for that lower 100 mile portion and that takes into account that I was VERY lucky because I was driving it on a Sunday and didn't get behind a truck or bus but once. I was driving a 'sporty' car and I'm not a slow driver.
- The entire road goes through several 'towns' that slows one's progress
- The entire road is chock full of topes, not only in towns but at every little 'settlement' along the way
- And as stated, while it is shorter in distance it is NOT shorter in time compared to taking the cuotas between Guad and Zac.
- The road enters/leaves Guadalajara from the far north side and if you're coming from/going to anywhere on the south side (Lake Chapala?) you'll add that more time to your trip. I DID take the 'new' eastern loop from the airport and around, which is definitely better than going "straight" through Guadalajara IMO.

Anyway, count me out taking that route ever again. If one doesn't mind the things I've mentioned above, or just wants to see new territory (the canyons outside of Guad are nice to see... at least for the non-driver!) or wants to save the cuota pesos, then flail away. But don't do it because it looks like a shorter route.... because it isn't.

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