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Feb 25, 2016, 8:39 PM

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Re: [YucaLandia] Part 2 - Recent experiences in INM and Consulate office

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Follow up on the Seattle office.

Nice, pleasant staff. No appointment necessary. They are open normal business hours (9 - 5), but lunch is 2 to 3:30 (the office is open, so you can sit in the waiting room, but no work is done).

G. Diaz is the visa official. Friendly and answered all questions.

The office does not allow RP applications, unless you already own property in Mexico.

The one hiccup is that there is an expectation of "comprabante", a letter stating that an official form is in fact official, for some documents. I didn't have to do it for my paystubs (and not necessary for Social Security statements). But my proof of employment form (from Microsoft), which is a US Immigration/Homeland Security/Customs Approved form with official stamp and electronic signature needed a personal letter from my employer (I had my boss write it). Also my bank statements/proof of deposits form needed a letter stating they were real. Thank goodness I had a helpful local bank manager.

Since RP w/o property wasn't available, I didn't submit retirement income. That worked out b/c there was zero chance Fidelity was going to write me a personal letter stating their Proof of Deposits statement was in fact authentic -- I went round and round with them about that before just submitting for RT.

I have some questions about making sure I get the right 30 day stamp in DF airport, getting the correct online form before going to the Immigration office, and Mexico City INM. But I'll ask in separate post next week. Preview: I was skeptical about the online stories that I had read about people having to start over after getting a visitors stamp. But while in the Seattle consulate I met a person who was there trying to fix that exact mistake. Yikes.

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