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Feb 1, 2016, 6:04 AM

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Re: [playaboy] Looking for an email friend!!

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Now, now, Playaboy. Maybe you didn't have such a grand time in the Lake Chapala area, but it's nothing like you just described, either. For those who want more action, the huge metropolis of Guadalajara is less than an hour away on a good road.

There are selling points for living here, starting with the kind of mild weather you won't find at the otherwise lovely, but hot and humid beaches. Don't get me wrong: I love the beach and lived on the coast in CA nearly all my life, but I'm just not happy being stuck in A/C living inside or dripping wet and burning outside. If there were a Mexican beach town with a CA coastal kind of climate, I'd be living there. However, I believe you can sell the OP a nice place at the beach, si?

Generally addressing the OP, he should look around Mexico before making a permanent decision about where to settle: always a good approach. Many expats are happy living in places where there are few other expats. Others are happy to find lots of other expats to socialize with. For those who aren't already fluent in Spanish, the latter is a good place to start.

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