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Jan 18, 2016, 3:53 PM

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Re: [Aaron+] Bringing TV

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When I first came to Mexico and purchased my first property (home built in 1984) in 1996-7 there was no 3rd wire anywhere in that house and I had to buy a special adaptor that allowed me to string a 3rd grounding wire from the prong feeding the UPS / voltage regulator/surge protector out the window and connected it to a 2 meter long copper grounding rod I sank in the lawn, an area that was always irrigated. Was that overkill? Not according to my techie neighbors. And all I was protecting was my tower computer.
(Oh and totally off topic, what was my internet speed? It was the fastest available. It wasn't 56 K like most dialup internet speeds up only up to 28 K down by slightly more when uploading.

Often today, nicer, newer homes built for the expats, are properly wired. BUT NEVER assume that the wiring is correct and that your home electrical system is correct. SO check, check and then triple check, the third time using a properly trained electrician. You wont be sorry.

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