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Dec 25, 2015, 2:11 PM

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Re: [chinagringo] Will I be fined upon re-entry to Mexico ? How much ?

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Our initial quote for a fine was $900USD: 2 people x 90 days each x $5USD. Between waiting for Immigration Jefe to arrive and a lengthy negotiation session, we burned close to three hours before settling for $400 USD cash only with no receipt.

I might suggest having a dog use your current Passport as a chew toy or somehow spill some acid on the book to damage it. Then you have a good excuse to get a new Passport with clean pages. Even paying for overnight expedited service would be cheaper than what you might run into with Mexican Immigration and who could predict how much time you might waste?

In a bit, please check your private message box as I have some more to say that I don't wish to be made public.

Thanks Neil for the information and the suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't have a dog and I am too scared of using acid. My current thinking is to show up at the border in my car. If they accept that I pay a few hundred dollars, I will do so. If not, I will simply not enter Mexico, wait three and half years for my passport to expire, and try again.

From what I found out online though from the guy who negotiated his fine from $2,000 down to about $300, they have computerized records going back to 1996. So, a new passport in 3.5 years might not help. Mexico's loss. I can always change my name to GodsGiftToPuertoRico.
God's Gift To Mexico

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