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Dec 10, 2015, 1:57 PM

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Re: [rvgringo] Banking issues in Mexico

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Hey there rvgringo!

1. Keep your US bank & be sure it is a major bank with full services. Hmm. This is one of the main questions.
I have two credit union accounts. Will need to decide on CitiBank or BofA I suppose. I don't appear to meet HSBC's
expat banking requirements e.g. equiv of $60,000 pounds on deposit.

2. Have your income from all sources deposited directly into that bank. Oops! - well, once I decide on a major bank, then I can transfer funds to that account.

3. Get debit and credit cards through your bank and advise them that you are using them in Mexico.
This is getting repetitive rvgringo - I have debt cards but ... you guessed it - issued by CU's

4. Have the bank raise the debit card daily limit to $1000.00 USD per day. That may take some doing. It's currently $300 a day. Don't think I have enough income to raise to $1K.

5. Do all banking and pay US bills online. Now that one's easy -- already doing that. Which raises another question:
I get electronic statements. I read somewhere that the INM requires 12 months of original bank statements PLUS copies.

6. Use cash in Mexico from ATM machines. (House or car purchases can by by wire transfer) I'm assuming by cash you mean Peso's.

7. Live happily ever after without using Mexican banks. Yeaaaah!

Dwain (aka Lilmsmaggie)

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