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Nov 15, 2015, 5:29 AM

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Re: [chinagringo] Tepoztlan, Morelos?

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I think that a bit of distance from the action is a wise idea.

I've never stayed at any of the numerous hotels in Tepoz, because we used to stay with family or friends, and now we have our own place. Looking at the location of Casa Fernanda on the map I see it is right by one of the main streets used for traffic leaving Tepoztlan. Traffic is crazy in Tepoztlan on weekends and holidays - very slow as an influx of cars, including SUVs try to navigate narrow cobblestone streets originally built for burros, carts and walking. I don't know if the sound of the traffic will be heard inside Casa Fernanda or not, but if it can be heard, it will be pretty non-stop during Carnaval. Also the main streets around the Zocalo are closed to traffic during Carnaval, so all traffic from Cuernavaca and DF has to be re-routed through the streets around the area where Casa Fernanda is located.

The other thing to keep in mind in choosing where to stay is Tepoztlan's physical geography. It is built on steep, hilly slopes. If you look at a map of the town, in general the northwest part of town is much higher than the southeast. This is especially noticeable in the east-west direction. Our house is in the northwest part of town and it is easily a 20 min walk down to the Zócalo, but a 40 minute walk back up due to the steep climb. Casa Fernanda is downhill from town centre - you will have views of the mountains, but not really of the town. The Posada del Tepozteco is uphill from town centre and has panoramic views of the town, including the Cathedral, as well as the surrounding mountains. I love the sense of space that comes with that panoramic view. Again, if you look on a map, from the Posada's location on Paraíso the walk over to Buenavista is not very steep, but then Buenavista winds quite steeply down to the Zócalo. I love this walk because of the views. While there will be some traffic, Calle Paraíso is not a major route. I would consider it to be close to the action, but not in the midst of it.

Just as an extra FYI, at the bottom of Buenavista, right before the corner of Cinco de Mayo, on the left hand side, is a store which sells hand made embroidered cotton clothing (shirts, blouses, dresses, etc.) The owners are good friends of mine and their clothing is really beautiful.

One more thing. I have heard negative comments about Tepoztlan from someone who only went once when it was really crowded with tourists. For those who don't care for crowds, Carnaval is really not a good time to go. During a regular week, when there aren't so many tourists, it is still lively and interesting but less overwhelming. A good day to go is Wednesday, as that is a "dia de plaza". (Not on Ash Wednesday, though.)

I hope you enjoy Tepoztlan. It has been near and dear to my heart since I first went there over twenty years ago.

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