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Oct 14, 2015, 7:31 AM

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Re: [YucaLandia] Recent experiences in INM and Consulate office

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On Oct. 9, I received notification from our Merida SRE office that SRE in DF have approved me for Naturalized Mexican Citizenship. (They say they will call me when they receive my official letter.)

I successfully completed all paperwork & exams on July 6, 2015 - which makes a 3 month delay between completing exams and being notified of citizenship by SRE-DF.

General Timeline & Details for the Process in Merida:
My Notario started the naturalized citizenship process for me on about May 15 - making preliminary submissions of my documents for SRE to check. That all went well: KUDOS to Notario Lic. Mauricio Rojano. About 2 weeks later SRE instructed us to get police reports on my background from both Yucatan State & DF. ... It took 3 trips to our Fiscalía General Publica - Yucatan State office - over about a week to get my state police record, and we used my Notario's representative/associate in DF to get my national police record - received within 5 business days of the request (including document shipping).

Sidelight: Last-minute flights to Mexico City from Merida are quite expensive, so it was far cheaper to pay the Notario to get the national police report - so, the $$ we saved by NOT traveling to Mexico City were actually more than the total that the Notario charged for getting INM, wedding certificate, & police reports, and preparing & filing my citizenship application.

I next went for a June 15 appointment to our Merida SRE office to sign forms. On-the-spot: They invited me to take the written exam, to take the Spanish language competency exam, to explain why I wanted to become a Mexican Citizen & answer personal questions and Mexican culture questions, ... and to also make a 30 minute (or so) all-Spanish language oral narrative of the history and governance of Mexico covering pre-Columbian Mexico up through the Colonial period, the War for Independence, the 19'th century, the Revolution, and forward through Lázaro Cárdenas del Rio up through WW2 (ending with the resolution with the USA for the La Expropiacion Petrolera). ...

No lo se why they had me stop at that point in history, but they then had me shift to explaining el Escudo, la Bandera y el Himno Nacionales, (los Símbolos Patrios), y los Azatlán ... They required me to recite (or sing) the El Coro, Estrufo 1 y Estrofo 10 of the Himno. I was unable to do these things (with no warning / no preparation) - so, I returned on July 6 to complete these requirements. ... As far as we can tell, NO other SRE offices are requiring so much in the exams - so it appears that these are special requirements recently added by our "new" SRE delegado.

Summarizing: It has taken roughly 5 months to get approved for Mexican naturalized citizenship ... though I haven't received my final letter/ceremony yet. ... If I had been prepared to take the exams on my first visit to SRE, the process may have been faster - as my locally-SRE-approved application would have been submitted well before the gobierno's summer vacation weeks. ??

Maybe the days of a 1 year-long (or more) process are gone ? (at least for Yucatan / Merida)

Clearly, computerized records of my passport, computerized INM records, computerized police records, database records of exits and entries into Mexico have made the process faster and smoother for people who qualify.

Happy Trails,
Read-on MacDuff
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