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May 31, 2015, 11:43 AM

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Re: [vicksslc] Where can I buy a pila in the US

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Good news. In 2003 and today, a "PILA" means battery, you know the type you might put in a radio or flashlight.

In an effort to answer the question as I would have in 2003, I got the last Radio Shack catalog which was published, which happened to be in 2002 and it says you can get most all sizes of Pilas either from ordering from the catalog or by going to a local Radio Shack Store. (Yes I actually have the 2002 Radio Shack Catalog
Sadly today, I have to report that the Radio Shack near me in Seattle is closed. So if there are no Radio Shack stores near you, I would try perhaps Costco here in the states or Steren in Mexico. They have most all battery sizes

Yes I was trying to be funny. But when I look up the word PILA in my Webster's Spanish-English dictionary it states that the primary definition of Pila is battery, less often it refers to a pile. and 3. occasionally it refers to a sink.

If you have to delete this I understand :)

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