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Sep 25, 2014, 11:40 AM

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Re: [esperanza] Suggested Surrounding DF area

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I’d disagree that Valle del Bravo would be viable for someone working in DF. It‘s over 80 miles outside the city – without traffic it could be 1.5 hour drive, but there would be no such thing as ‘without traffic’. It would mean struggling through the awful traffic of Santa Fe – I’d guess about 3 hours one way on the good days.

If Calitim wants to live right outside Mexico City (which I wouldn’t recommend anyway), the only viable alternatives I’d recommend considering would be to the south-south-west – Cuernavaca, Tepotzlan, Oaxtepec – around there. Also, there are parts of Xochimilco and Tlahuac, and most of Milpa Alta – all parts of the Federal District – that are rural (although not charmingly so).

Calitim, you mentioned ‘Maybe I just need to understand where to NOT look?’
In my first post I outlined a general guide – south, west, and the south-west side of the city centre. Also, within each region of the city, there are better and worse neighbourhoods, too many to list. It comes down to checking each one.

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