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Sep 23, 2014, 8:46 PM

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Re: [johanson] dd-wrt (vpn) router behind telmex router

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Telmex has been pretty reliable for me at 10 Mbps down, and I've been surprised to see how little HMA VPN knocked it down. But then I'm only about 3 blocks from their central office in Pátzcuaro. The following may be a little off the VPN subject, but since speed matters for content viewing, you may find it useful.

I have Telmex ADSL with Paquete Acerques (5 Mbps) for $599/month. I paid an extra $199/month for an additional 5 Mbps, except that beginning in March the 5 Mbps additional appears on my bill as $0 with a note saying it's a promoción. So I'm paying $599 for 10 Mbps. I didn't know what that was about until I noticed two things this evening.

First, if you go to their Paquete website and look at the various packet offerings, all mention of speed differences between the three paquetes (3, 5, 10 Mbps) is gone. Vanished without a trace, as has the info on purchasing additional bandwidth. All three packets now say Incluye la conexión más rápida en infinitum. Hmm, maybe that's why they stopped charging me for the 5 Mbps additional, despite continuing to deliver it.

The difference in cost between the packets now seems to be only in terms of additional telephone options, like number of free minutes calling local cell phones, long distance, or the US. Internet speed isn't part of the pricing.

Second, about 3 months ago Telmex came through our little colonia and strung fiber optic cable on the poles, readily identified with yellow posters saying something like this to discourage thieves: "Cable Fibra Óptica. No tiene cobre." If you go to this website, you'll see that the three paquetes are now being offered with fiber optic service AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Reading through the FAQs, the "no additional cost" includes a new fiber optic modem in your house, and running the fiber through your cable ducts. Telmex caveat: only where service is available (i.e., where there's a fiber trunk nearby).

If true, Telmex is following through on their 2011 promise to bring fiber to the home to leapfrog US service standards and bring Mexico into the 21st century. Fiber offers potential speeds of 20-100 Mbps to the home and 1 Gbps to businesses. Who needs such speeds to the home when 5-7 Mbps will suffice for HD TV? Telmex says it's for multi-TV homes where there will be several HD streams running simultaneously.

But to offer this for the same price as the old copper wire service? That will cost Telmex some money. Is it fear of future competition from the country-wide 4G wireless network that EPN wants built by 2018?

All I know is that I just sent an e-mail to their fiber optic division asking how I get my existing copper connection converted to fiber to take advantage of that new thick black cable hanging just outside my door and across the street.

-- Mark

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