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Aug 16, 2014, 8:07 AM

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Re: [johanson] Experience with Chromecast?

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One minor tweak to Pete's good post: Pete, for US DirecTV, some big cities' local programs are on CONUS beams: e.g. Don't the people from New Jersey (NYC local channels) and many parts of California (LA & SF?** channels) get CONUS beamed local channels, which means if you have NYC local channels (with a proper non-spot beam zip code) and LA or SF local channels (with a proper non-spot beam zip code), I think these people can get all their DirecTV channels here in Mexico, including their local channels. (A neighbor here in Merida was getting lots of NYC local DirecTV channels with his 2.4m dish last year.)

I apologize for taking a little detour away from the chromecast topic,

To get back to the OP's intent, Streamed TV over the internet: We are happy with ROKU - with a Mexican "Nano" service with good live NYC channels and 1,000's of movies and pre-recorded TV. Slingbox of our daughter's US DirecTV fills in for the channels not on Nano. Modest monthly costs on both services (as we pay about $25 a month total for the combination). My wife really likes movies (4-5 a week), so that makes the $$ worth it for us.

**My sister was getting DirecTV with local SF channels - way up outside Sacramento - with the SF channels on CONUS beams 3 years ago - which means it should be down here too?
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