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Aug 9, 2014, 2:31 PM

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Re: [twelveoaks] Would appreciate info on living in San Miguel

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I've been living in SMA since January of this year so I could offer a bit of insight on life here. The expat community is in the thousands and quite evident just about everywhere in town. During the winter there are even more. We don't "take over" as it were and Mexicans far outnumber us. This is Mexico. A girl from California told me yesterday that she had a difficult time at the local Banamex in the Jardin because none of the tellers speak English. This is Mexico. I must say that the way Mexicans and gringos get along here is respectful and fun! As Arnold Scwarzenegger would say, "no problemo". Loads of Canadians are around town, British, huge loads of Mexico City folk at the week ends and Americans from all over the States organizing all kinds of events and clubs. I enjoy Mexican food and whenever I'm in the mood for gringo food there are dozens of places that cater to us.
When I first came here after a stint in Mexico City I made a list of stuff I'd need to buy and only available in the States. I subsequently found everything except Glide dental floss.
Renting for a year is a very good idea. Just where you'd be happiest depends on your priorities and physical condition. I often walk through a colonia called Guadiana. Very central and quite nice. There the hills are not too steep compared to many upscale neighborhoods. You'd be within easy walking distance of the central district. If you move up into the hills the views are so charming but you'll want to have a car for most of your activities outside the home. I'm told by my buddy who has been here 18 years that we are still in a buyer's market.
Cheers y Buena suerte!

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