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Jun 6, 2014, 7:06 AM

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Re: [DavidMcL] Part 2 - Recent experiences in INM and Consulate office

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Hi there,

It's been a while since I'm reading this forum, but it's my first post here.

Quickly: Young Canadian couple with a 6-year old child moving to Mexico in August 2014. We are going to be remote workers. We have been travelling a lot during the last years (Europe + North America) with longer stays in the USA.

Now, we are ready to spend 1 year in Mexico to enjoy the culture, the weather and to learn Spanish.

I want to share my experience in the Mexican Consulate office in Montréal, Canada.

I wanted to get more information about the temporal residente, because some information was missing on their website. I went yesterday (June 5th), I explained our situation, the guy at the consulate was really nice and helpful. They requested the following documents:

- passeport + 1 photocopy
- 2 pictures
- original bank statements for the last 6 months showing deposits around $2000/month
- certified copy of the above bank statements, must be certified by the bank (did not have that)
- birth certificate of our daughter + 1 photocopy
- since we are not married, no marriage certificate was requested
- letter from my employer in Canada (I'm a governement employee planning to take an unpaid leave)
- proof of the company registration of my partner (he's doing websites for a living)
- $40 CAD for each visa at the consulate

We finally decided to not move on with the application since we think that is getting very expensive ($312 x 3 for the cards in Mexico!) and that we could just go on a tourist visa (180 days). We are planning to leave Mexico to go back in Canada for Christmas and then, return to Mexico.

We don't see any benefits of having the temporal residente you?

However, if we decide to stay longer, we may want to apply for a permanent visa instead of a need to renew every year.

What do you think?

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