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La Isla

May 21, 2014, 12:46 PM

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Re: [La Isla] Signing up for IMSS health care coverage in the DF

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I went to my local IMSS office (in Santa Maria La Ribera) this morning. The whole process, including travel time, took about three hours. Everyone who helped me was very pleasant and organized, a nice change from the human zoo that INM can sometimes resemble. The only annoying part of the process involved having to walk several loooong blocks in the hot sun to get to the bank, but that worked out fine in the end, as I didn't collapse from the heat and found a hole-in-the-wall papelerķa in the way back where I had copies made of the bank receipt.

I did have to fill out a medical history questionnaire, but no physical exam was required to be accepted. I had all the documents (with copies) that were required, but I did forget to bring a pen! Luckily, there were pens for sale at a little booth conveniently located in the waiting area. I was told to visit my assigned clinic in a couple of weeks to make sure I am in the system. Other than that, it's all done!

Thanks so much, Judith, for your very helpful posts and words of encouragement.

P.S. One more comment. When I first presented myself at the desk of the guy who handled my application and told him what I wanted, he told me that the policy was for a minimum of two people. I told him that I was single with no children, and any other relatives I had didn't live in Mexico. Then he gave me a form letter to sign which stated that I was making a legal declaration that I had no dependents. An hour or so later, when I was finishing up with him (after my hike to the bank), a young Mexican guy came over and said he wanted to apply for a policy just for himself. He was told in no uncertain terms that this would not be possible as the policy had changed this year. He wasn't offered the form letter to sign that was given to me. This seems like a strange sort of policy that would deny people health insurance they are willing to pay for.

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