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Mar 28, 2014, 9:26 PM

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Re: [Fig] Impermeable paint on the outside walls ?

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Hello Fig.

Anything is possible. Something that one must consider though, is that one of the most important qualities of the "Fester" products is their ability to expand and contract not only for temperature ranges, but also for general movement of a structure (roof), from lets say heavy traffic (transport trucks on a highway, etc.). If the overlay of the paint you intend has the same qualities of the Fester product there would probably not be any problem, but if the paint product was of a more rigid composition, the paint product might just "crack or chip" during any moving or even drastic temperature changes that would provide for some possible drastic degree changes such as we can get here in the mountains of Querétaro from the day to nighttime. Here there are days, at the end of winter particularly, that can vary 35 to 40 degrees. That is a substantial range for any such paint product. It may well be that the outside paint product would not hold up as warranted by the manufactured. I would suggest asking a chemical engineer about such a thing, before dumping some hard earned bucks on a hunch.

It's very possible that you can phone the Quality control department of Fester manufacturing company in Mexico City and ask them about the possibilities of adding a color pigment to their product and what, if any, detrimental affects that mixture might produce. Is their one color pigment or another that might be best for such an experiment?
The company has an excellent web site so Google it up on and see the contact numbers that you can call.


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