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Mar 23, 2014, 1:02 PM

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Re: [HMacy] Moving Stuff to Mexico

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Hello Again HMacy,

I really cannot tell you much about Lerado as I only went through there one time and decided not to go back as it was very crowded as well as being a little ominous after leaving the are before getting on a Cuota. Some folks like it, but I remember the lack of trailer parking and very narrow security openings to drive through to go to the parking for the various offices. Others who frequent that crossing with trailers would be a better bet for getting a feel for it.

I can tell you a little about trailers as I have had many of them. I would never own a single axel trailer again for many reasons, one of the best reasons is the steering tracking a dual axel trailer offers over a single axel trailer. also if you balance our load out over the axels it is a piece of cake to pull and steer when backing up. But no matter what trailer you get, I highly suggest reversing the axel(s) for the reasons I described to you earlier.

I would also suggest getting a good two inch hitch as well as an anti sway device and load leveler added to your hitch assembly, especially traveling the distance you are going to be doing. Another item that is a must have is towing mirrors. Many if not most by now require (by state law) that trailer towing mirrors are used when towing a trailer. The best I have found over the years is one called Mckesh mirrors. They are well worth the money and what I really like about them is there is virtually no vibration when driving. I have had a set for over four years now and have used them on several different vehicles. They are easy put on and off and once you have them adjusted for your particular tow vehicle you can put them on and off in about two minutes each. I have other "clip on's" that aren't worth a hoot and some have fallen off when traveling. That I can tell you is not a picnic. If you load balance your trailer before leaving you will not even know it is back there if you also use the load leveling and anti sway add on's to your hitch assembly.

Many times you can find a good used hitch assembly thru Craig's list or other similar site and save about half. The Mckesh mirrors however are scarce as "hen's teeth" when looking for a used set. That ought to tell you something about how folks covet them. What are you pulling your trailer with?

Anyway, Have fun and make an adventure of it, you should enjoy it a lot.


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