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Feb 6, 2014, 6:33 AM

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Re: [charlie131120] The animals are eating the peaches !

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Autodefensa Approach: Lawn chair, pellet gun, no-doze....

Put out well-stocked dog food bowls... stuff-em with alternate calories?
- with no room for dessert.

Live traps, baited with the fresh ripe fruit (peaches), is sometimes the best approach.

A radio in the tree, playing voices, playing all night, can help with some animals. Racoons tend to figure this out after a night or 2, though zarigŁeyas may (or may not) care (??)

Hardware-cloth collar (or multiple layers of chickenwire) around the tree works well for coons and zarigŁeyas - flaring out the hardware-cloth a little at the top - bury the bottom edge of the Hardware-cloth in the ground - support the hardware-cloth with 3 or 4 Tee-posts - as long as the only access to the tree is from the ground.

Treblinka Option: Well positioned electric fence... Though persistent coons can tolerate the shocks from a small unit, and bull their way underneath.

To protect your dogs and cats from blundering into the fence, and to discourage fat coons, fold decorative pieces of aluminum foil flags to the fence at regular intervals - and dose the foil pieces with peanut butter. The coons and zarigŁeyas love peanut butter, and grasp/lick the foil flags.... (the key is to not terrorize your dog into fearing the backyard with arbitrarily placed hot-wire that is invisible to them - the foil makes it apparent and memorable).
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