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Jan 19, 2014, 8:43 AM

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Re: [Bennie García] cabrona

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Bennie since you are a man you are not qualified to judge..It is very easy to find a man but good ones are hard to find. So if I were single I would have fun and have friends and boy friends but knowing what I know I would be very picky about a partner. Actually having no partner would be my choice especially in Mexico, France, Italy, Spain and many other countries...
All my adult life I had jobs that were "men" jobs so I travelled a lot with men and worked with many men. I have many nice men friends but in my travels I have seen way too really trust me cynical . You may be one of the nice one but believe me thre the good ones are scarce and the older you get and the less tolerant you get so that makes them doubly scarce to find..

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