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Jan 12, 2014, 7:06 PM

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Re: [happygilmore] Planning Drive to Tapachula

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Here is something else to consider very carefully. I live and have lived just 4 clicks off the 57 two hours north of Mexico for the past four years. I take that road every day twice and three times a day to and from San Juan del Rio. Monday through Wednesday noon the heavy traffic is north bound. From Wednesday afternoon and night, the traffic picks up immensely. This is the main route into and out of C.D. Mexico and beyond. It is the main truck transport route for commercial freight deliveries into Mexico on the southbound side. You will definitely be a part of sleepy and late running drivers highballing for Mexico and no one gets in their way. Heading south, I would definitely plan on an overnight in San Juan del Rio before any Wednesday, with an early morning (5 AM) start the next morning.

At six AM the heaviest traffic southbound starts and lasts until Saturday afternoon. There are many construction areas north and south of San Juan del Rio currently, on the southbound side. These transport drivers, as many as 40% are doubles like you have not seen before and think nothing of immediate turns in front of you for a faster lane, and most are young inexperienced drivers and are indifferent to your feelings. the person with the right of way, appears to be the one who gets the lane first.

I certainly do not mean to scare you, but make you aware, this section of 57 into Mexico and the Arco Norte is like nothing you have experienced before, unless you have driven in Moscow Russia. You can save a lot of time and a lot of traffic by taking the bypass around Querétaro, watch for the signs to Mexico and / or San Juan del Rio as you come to the second turn off to San Miguel de Allende. Take that turn off and follow the signs to Mexico. The extra Cuota cost is 40 pesos and saves about two hours of nerve racking driving through the city of Querétaro any time of day or night. It's the last Cuota "Pay Palace" until you reach the Arco Norte. Pay attention to what folks who have been here a while are trying to share with you.

P.S. A good inexpensive hotel is the first turn off to San Juan del Rio. Very clean and cost of $470 per night, per room. Just stay on the road as it curves under the 57, go up over the bridge, and down the other side. Then on past the all night Pemex and across a pretty narrow 300 year old bridge. About half a click more and on your right is the O'Puente Hotel. They have good, clean and inexpensive food there also. It is right across the street from the Commercial Mexicana supermarket. A total of about four minutes after exiting the 57 south.

Good Luck,
San Juan del Rio

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