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Dec 12, 2013, 9:27 AM

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Re: [YucaLandia] where to buy a shaw direct dish

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Hey Steve your info is very helpful as well. Here along the shores of Lake Chapala, I guess I have what you would call a dish farm. I have a spare 4 foot and 6 foot Ku dish that I needed when I had Dish and use my 2.4 meter for DirecTV (3 LNBs one pointing at each satellite which are very close together)
Yet because of the strong signal from the birds at 97.3 and 111.1 degrees West I choose to use my much smaller 75 E elliptical dish for Shaw Direct. (26.5 by 36.5 inch) And it has to rain pretty hard before I loose my signal which was not the case with DISH or DirecTV US which would loose their signal with a slight rain even though the satellite dishes were much larger.
I agree with Steve that where the signal is weak, that one should use larger satellite dishes. But thank God, Shaw's signals are so strong here that I have never considered using anything but a 75 E down here. (Up north the 60 E is just great)

I edited this post. I incorrectly posted that Anik F2 was at 101.1 NO PETER (I say to myself), it's at 111.1 degrees West. :)

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