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Dec 11, 2013, 3:29 PM

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Re: [bjkrieg] where to buy a shaw direct dish

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The two large dishes you have should be more than large enough to receive the 107.3W and 111.1W Shaw signals. The Dish LNBs will not work for Shaw - different frequencies.

Notes on Shaw installations:
1. The skew on the LNBs is important for Shaw. Here in Yucatan, we rotate the 107.3 LNB to an angle that has the LNB body pointing to about 4:30 on the clock face (facing the front of the dish & back of the LNB).

2. Have you aligned dishes to find Shaw satellite signals in the past? It can be challenging compared to Dish Network and DirecTV. If you cannot find the 107.3W signal, instead first find the Dish Network 110W signal (easy - strong - wide tolerance), and then slightly rotate the dish just 2 degrees back towards the east, and tip the dish back (higher) by about 2 (56 vs 58) to get the dish very close to 107.3W signal positions. Go the other direction from 110W Dish signal starting position to find the 111.1W Shaw signal.

3. With 2 dishes and 2 separate LNBs, you also need a disk equalization switch for Shaw LNBs.

4. Is the receiver brand new or has it been in the stream before? Are you using an SWR, or the receiver to find the signals?
If using the receiver => What channel will you use for tuning? To use the receiver to find the satellite signals, Shaw generally uses either 354 for a previously mapped receiver or 284 for a virgin. This may be different for your Shaw receiver/dish/account combination. Obviously, use an HD channel to tune the 111.1W signals

5. The Shaw receivers signal strength indicators are slow to react to changes in dish position (up to 5 sec). Since the signal strength meter in Shaw Direct receivers is slow (updates signal strength every 5 seconds), some techs use the ebno number:

Using the ebno # follows one of these 2 ways:
Option 1: choose: 6-0-5 right arrow to diagnostic C
Option2: choose 6-4-7 line C

There will be a number that is either + or - its probably at -1.0 or -3.0 since you are not initially aimed on the satellite.

As you adjust the dish, when you get near the satellite, the number will start to move in a + direction. If you cannot find the Shaw signals, start with the dish near your Dish Network 110W azimuth and move it a very little bit at a time (towards the south) to get to 107.3W and wait 5-10 seconds for the receiver to react.

Hope that helps,

Read-on MacDuff
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