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Dec 5, 2013, 9:22 AM

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Re: [hunteradvisor] Visiting the US in a Mexican Car

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Actually, the are two very separate issues with rental car insurance in Mexico:

Liability Insurance
The Government of Mexico requires all rental car agencies to provide Basic Laibility Insurance included in the daily rate. However, the required limits are so low, all the agencies require one to purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) to raise the coverage up to acceptable limits. Depending on agency, these limits may or may not be in compliance with the new minimum limits recently set by the individual Mexican States. To my knowledge, none of the credit card coverages cover liability!

Collision, Theft, Personal Property, Personal Injury, Etc.
Many of the credit card insurances cover the above mentioned but Mexican agencies typically do not recognize these coverages. If one insists that they are covered through their credit cards and choose to decline these coverages - then the agencies will demand a credit card deposit that can be as much as the full value of a given vehicle. For example, I had one company (FOX) who demanded a $400,000MXN deposit. Most agencies offer the above stated coverages ala carte and they can add up in a hurry.

Personal Experiences

ALAMO - One rental we did with them, I opted for their Alamo Protection Plus Insurance Package which includes: CDW-TP, PLI, PAI, CDWEP & DP at a cost of $35USD/day. This was before the new liability limits were established and I just assumed that I was fully covered. When planning a trip back in September, I contacted Alamo International directly attempting to find out just what the coverage limits were - good luck with that concept! No less than six phone calls up to the supervisor level and numerous promises made and I never received the requested info.

PAYLESS - We did a two week rental a couple of years ago and while we did have to agree to the Supplemental Liability Insurance, they agreed to accept our AMEX Premium Rental Car Policy in lieu of the other coverages and never charged a deposit of any sort. We thought we were set with an agency that we could deal with but they closed their office in Guadalajara. Since I am in the process of planning another trip, I just checked and they have opened a new office in downtown Guadalajara but I haven't called to check if their policies remain the same.

S&S AUTO - Lake Chapala
A number of years back, we rented from them and they had a straightforward rate of $55USD/day including all insurance and I had planned on having the AMEX Policy as a backup. It was only after renting the vehicle that I found out they no longer accepted credit cards and we had to pay by cash or check.

The other day I ran across the fact that Volaris was now offering rental cars on their website. Out of curiosity, I checked their rates and noticed that they were offering rental car insurance through ALLIANZ at a fairly reasonable rate of around $10USD/day. I wouldn't blindly take this offer until I actually taked to the involved agency to see exactly what the coverages are and if they do accept them.
Albuquerque, NM

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