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Nov 24, 2013, 11:39 AM

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Re: [cinlo] Directions to TIP Permit Station in Piedras Negras/Eagle Pass

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Yes, Piedras Negras (Eagle Pass) is VERY easy....

Coming north up Highway 57 from Monclova, then Sabinas one should take the cuota just north of Sabinas towards Piedras Negras (do not take the free road in this area!). Just as the (short) cuota ends and within eye-sight there will be a Aduana/Military stop (red light/green light if coming from the other way). Northbound traffic does not stop but must slow down; IMMEDIATELY after going through this 'stop', turn left into the parking lot for Customs and Aduana. This is in the vicinity of the town of Allende for reference.

In that lot there will be a little 'hut' where one will have their temporary car permit, TIP, cancelled. As is the case everywhere one must have the ORIGINAL copy that the sticker came on in order to do the cancellation. There may be one or two cars waiting but I have never had more than one... often none.

Once done (3 minutes?), one can park and go into the building there to do any INM visa work one might need to to (turn in your tourist visa, get your FMM paperwork etc.)

Once done there, back out onto 57 and continue north to Piedras Negras. As you approach Piedras, 57 will intersect Hiway 2 (signal light). Continue straight on 57 on a 4-lane divided boulevard. In about 10? blocks you will come to an intersection with Boulevard Centenario.... this right turn will/should be marked as going to the International Bridge II. Follow this east for about a mile and then turn north onto Libramiento Sur which will take you right to the border crossing going into Eagle Pass.

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