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Sep 12, 2013, 9:59 AM

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Re: [rayitodeluna] Private English Lesson Inquiries

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Here is a little more about my experience, in particular as it relates to getting permission on oneís visa to work: As has happened with you, people I met were thrilled to find a native English speaker to coach them. However, I didnít have any experience in teaching, and I didnít find in myself any natural talent. Even though I put lots of work into lesson preparation, the students soon faded away when they discovered that having a native English teacher didnít magically incalculate them with the language Ė they still had to do work to learn. But I was working with university students and young adults, not kids.

However, on one occasion somebody asked me to translate a text and I discovered that I did have the preparation and talent to do it well, and that I wanted to do more of this type of work. I began to pursue translating jobs, and was able to get work permission on that basis: first with a university employer, and then, when they dropped the translation project they had me working on, I changed my work permission to independent status.

If you find that you like teaching and coaching English, you could look into doing an English teacher training course Ė maybe in a few years when the girls are in school Ė that is the kind of qualification that could get you work permission*. On the other hand, by then you might soon qualify for Mexican nationality: another way to have permission to work without problems.

*Possibly. Now that the immigration rules have changed so that people coming to teach English have to make the application at the Mexican consulate in their home country, who knows? It isnít clear how this would work for someone already in Mexico as a family dependent of a Mexican national.

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