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Jun 24, 2013, 1:18 PM

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Re: [johanson] Banned without cause

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I've been on Telecable for a year now and about once a week I have to kill the modem and my wireless router as well. For some reason, maybe the volume of data I upload, the whole FTP operation grinds to a halt. The first couple times it happened they said they had to "clean" the modem? - so I started "cleaning" it myself by dropping out and to the point where I actually have a two switch panel specifically wired for the purpose and I just reach down and switch off, wait and bring the modem back up and then the router and it clears the system, more likely it either moves me to a new IP and/or server and then we're in good shape again.

Oh, and as far as a "Con" filter, if they have one, it's broke because I post there from time to time and my preferences are fairly well documented - ha.

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