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Jun 6, 2013, 5:08 PM

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Re: [cbviajero] Is it futile?

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Thanks for the words of encouragement kids. No worries. I am not going to give up. (I must have sounded a lot more discouraged in my op than I meant to convey. Maybe I need to work on my English. Jajajaja.)

I think it's just that the other night I was slapped in the face with that double-barrel "the more you learn, the more there is to learn" idea in combination with what cbviajero mentioned, that I'll "never be as articulate in Spanish as I am in English".

I probably need to resign myself to the latter. Even so, I may not ever be able to be the "me" in Spanish that I am in English, but I can get a lot closer.

As far as ideas go that could help at this stage, I'm certain it is about consistent, daily, intimate and deep exposure to the language. (Like what CozlCan said.) Unfortunately, I live in Ajijic, and English is everywhere. That is not an excuse, just a reality that means I have to work a little harder to create my own opportunities to engage in Spanish.

Thanks again for the encouraging and sympathetic words. Onward and upward!

P.S. Re the films. Funny the Estrada stuff came up. I was really looking forward to watching El Infierno - of course I remember Fabiola! - after loving La Ley de Herodes (with subtitulos....I cheated). But when I noticed El Infierno had no subtitles, I yanked it from the player during the first scene between Bennie and his mother. That dialogue is so rich, I didn't want to miss ALL of it. Maybe I'll take that DVD to my class - since I'm the only one in it - and I can watch it piecemeal with my teacher.

A friend also recommended Nosotros Los Nobles to me this week. Funny premise!

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