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May 21, 2013, 7:14 AM

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Re: [EricWoods] Value of Personal Items Coming Into Baja

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i just read an article on BAJA 123 Real Estate Site i think that something dont sound right on it, it says that a foreign visitor entering Baja can only have $75usd value of goods without paying duty, i have planned on driving from Virginia in June to check out the Rosarito Beach area & Ensenada with a serious view to moving there if i like it, however how can one possibly limit what they would have realisticly to 75usd i was planning on bringing my Laptop computer $350 value Cell Phone $200, Gps Navigation $125 i know your clothes don't count in this if they did one would have to enter nude it doesn't mention cash so i am not sure how much you are allowed to bring, please someone tell me that what i have read is incorrect if it is true i better forget about coming down, or do you pay temporary import duty on entry and get a refund when leaving again if not i cannot believe how anyone would ever want to go there, dont get me wrong i am not grumbling i just had so much research done in the area and this has knocked me for 10 will be very dissapointed if i need to cancel my other option was a move to Portugal but Mexico was the #1 preference, all information will be much appreciated,
Thanks in Advance

No duty on the following for personal use:

Padrones de Importadores y Exportadores.

XIV. Las efectuadas por personas físicas para su uso personal, hasta por el número de unidades por pedimento que se encuentren contenidas en la siguiente lista, siempre que no se tramiten más de 2 pedimentos por un mismo importador al año:

XIV. Those made by individuals for their personal use, up to the number of motion [pedimento] units that are contained in the following list, provided that no more than 2 motions [pedimentos] handled by the same importer per year:

2 per year with the proper pedimento

Animales vivos 2

Alimentos enlatados 10

Juguetes 10

Juguetes electrónicos 2

Muebles de uso doméstico 10 Pzas. o 3 Jgos.

Ropa y accesorios 10

Calzado y partes de calzado 10 Pares o Pzas.

Equipo deportivo 1

Motocicleta 1

Bicicleta 1

Llantas nuevas para automóvil, camioneta, camión y bicicleta 5 Pzas.

Aparatos electrodomésticos 6 Pzas.

Partes de equipo de cómputo 5

Equipo de profesionistas 1 Jgo.

Herramienta 2 Jgos.

Bisutería 20

Joyería 3

Discos, cassettes o discos compactos grabados 20

Bebidas alcohólicas 24 Litros.

Trofeos de caza 3

Embarcaciones incluso con su remolque, helicópteros y aviones 1 Pza.

Live animals 2

Canned food 10

Toys 10

Electronic Toys 2

Household furniture 10 pcs. or 3 jgos.

Clothing and Accessories 10

Footwear and footwear parts 10 Pairs or Pcs.

Sports equipment 1

motorcycle 1

Bike 1

New tires for car, light truck, truck and bike 5 Pcs.

6 Pcs appliances.

Parts of computer equipment 5

Equipment 1 Jgo professionals.

Tools 2 jgos.

Imitation Jewelry 20

Jewelry 3

Discs, cassettes or CDs recorded 20

Alcoholic drinks 24 liters.

Hunting trophies 3

Parts for your trailer, boats, helicopters and planes 1 Pc

I´m guessing "Jgos" means "sets"

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