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Mar 22, 2013, 7:45 PM

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Re: [Opatije] Dishnetwork in Playa del Carmen

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I know that on the West, we point at 110, 119, & 129 degrees West for Dish and don't get many HD signals. Where you are you might point at one or more Dish satellites farther to the East. Along the shores of Lake Chapala, I used to use one 4 footer, one 6 footer on 110 and 119 degrees west and tried to use the 2.4 meter or at footer pointing at the HD bird at 129 degrees West, but it wasn't larger enough.

You need to talk to others from you area and find out which DISH satellites give you the best coverage and the size needed. I hope someone here can on Mexconnect can help you.

Me? Here in the greater Chapala area, one finds, if you want HD, that DirecTV US and/or Shaw Direct (Canada) give you much better signals with an 8 footer for DirecTV and/or a 26.5 by 36.5 inch elliptical dish for Shaw Direct than does Dish Network.

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