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Captain Sinister

Nov 22, 2002, 4:57 PM

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Re: [davidmcl] Request for reactions to a "Completely Different" Forum . . .

In this new age of electronic communication ideas can often develop into many different and interconnecting areas, that are not always able to be constrained by the perimeters of just the topic of Mexico. Many times I have thought of responding to a post but held back, as the information I wished to post was not pertinent or exclusive just to Mexico.

As an adult, I have felt that some of the post that were removed were done in a willful and or arbitrary manor. I understand that the Web Master is the finale arbitrator as this is their sight, and they have limited time or energy to deal with the mischievous posters.

I have chosen to limit my participation on these BB as a response to this type of limiting discussion or this way of deleting post. I am far to old and experienced to let someone treat myself as the lowest common denominator.

I find that limiting the discussions have created an environment on these BB that is quite repetitive, with the same request for the same information. Information that doesnít change much, yet this request for information will be complained about when some one asks the inevitable question about FM3ís, or a car permit, etc., as these questions will has been answered many times already.

I think itís at least worth a try to let people act as adults, in a specific area that individuals are forewarned about, including a warning on the topics and limitations. An area where Adults monitor each other through their own conduct, which is being judge by the participants.

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