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Nov 14, 2012, 6:47 PM

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Re: [Rolly] Recent experiences in INM and Consulate office

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From SMA Yahoo Group

Today my husband and I went to the Mexican Consulate in San Jose California to apply for our temporary visa's.

I want to share what happened to us, this is just our experience we are not experts or even experienced this is our first time for the application and we have not held more than a FMM visa.

We were told that we could obtain the temporary visa by meeting the Monthly income requirements as Silva and other's have indicated.

OR by having $103,000. USD in the bank or investments.

OR by owning a home valued at $188,000/$200,000 (this figure seems to be a little less settled). So three paths to the temporary visa.

No financial reporting required during the four year visa, and it can be renewed again without additional financial paperwork. To move to the permanent visa after the four years requires only one bank statement proving your income source is still viable.

No letter from the bank was required, we provided photo copies of six months worth of statements. We also provided proof of our monthly income from pensions, social security.

Very easy, very pleasant experience. By the way the application forms just arrived the day before so if you have an appointment in the next week call before you go in to make sure they have the forms available.

I asked why the monthly amount had increased so much and was told that it was because there are a number of people who are in Mexico on false income documentation or are working illegally. That the new income requirement was intended to uncover those who are not abiding by the rules. Don't know if this is correct or not seems a little odd but that is not my point. My point is don't be afraid, they did not try to make our lives difficult in fact they were quite nice about everything and all went smoothly.

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