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Nov 10, 2012, 11:32 AM

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Re: [rayitodeluna] Where to find...quinoa and

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My daughter found quinoa, Iíll ask her where. It was some health food store in Coyoacan, I think. I just had a look at the label. Itís imported from Peru, but the Mexican importer/distributor has this email:

She also found barley and rye (maybe at the same store).

I think Iíve found barley at Nutrisa (chain with many locations) sometimes.

The Comercial Mexicana where we usually shop has wheat grains in bulk in the produce section.

Jekemir has bulgur. (Scroll down below the photo for a list of locations.)

When you are looking for variation, one grain you can find with no problem is amaranth (alegria), since itís grown locally.

And now, my requests:

I would love to find a source for tempeh.

I was buying chia at the same bulk bin at Comercial Mexicana as where they have the wheat, but they stopped carrying it. So, a source for chia, anyone?

Hard wheat flour (bread flour)?

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