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Nov 2, 2012, 10:40 AM

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Re: [caddesign] Using TomTom Via 1500TM GPS in USA & Mexico

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Tips and Tricks for using your GPS unit for the busy holiday driving season.

1. I learned the hard way not to update maps while on vacation or 4 hours before starting a long driving trip. Something will always go wrong.

2. Last year I forgot to carry my spare GPS unit that had fresh new maps installed. It would have been nice to have it when my GPS unit broke 3000 miles from home.

3. I found out it is easier to replace a dead GPS battery at home then while on vacation,
A typical GPS battery will last for about three years.

4. Be sure you have fixed and tested any problems with the GPS unit before using it on vacation. Always carry a new paper map just in case.

5. Take some time to learn, free software from Garmin and TomTom for planning a long trip.

6. Mounting the GPS unit to the windshield in the cool early morning, will fall off in the late afternoon when the windshield becomes hot.

7. Twice I found fresh new maps of North America will not work on Europe roads.
Now my wife will confirms I have installed the correct memory card in the GPS unit.

8. In California, it is cheaper to update Safety Cameras Alerts on the GPS then pay for a speeding ticket.

9. Garmin City Explorer Maps are very useful to have in a big city like New York.

10. Cheaper to remove the GPS unit from the car and carry the unit into hotel room, then pay for a broken window and new GPS.

My number one reason for buying a GPS.
When my wife ask where are we now? I only need to point to the map on the screen.

I have always found its cheaper for me to learn from others peoples mistakes then to make them myself.

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