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Mar 28, 2012, 8:50 PM

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Re: [johninajijic] Seguro Popular

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No. There are various hospitals that Seguro Popular uses, but they are not IMSS nor ISSTE. They will use community hospitals, general hospitals, etc. In GDL they mainly use the two Hospital Civiles, and Occidente (both over-crowded in emergencies). If you need emergency treatment, it does not help much. You would get the same treatment if you walked in and colapsed in Hospital Civil - with or without Seguro Popular.

For regular minor treatment, they do cover some things, but you need to go to a SSJ clinic to get a "referencia" for a specialist if you want an ECG EKG, etc. The difference in the treatments between IMSS and Seguro Popular is drastic. For examply, in Seguro Popular you are entitled to basic x-rays, and in IMSS you have the full CAT, MRI, etc (if needed). In IMSS, there are many treatments, in Seguro Popular, there are limited treatments.

The main advantage of Seguro Popular is if you take an expensive medication (and they offer it).

In the back of the book (pdf) in the link below, there is a list of all the medications and all the treatments available with Seguro Popular.

Also know that beggars cannot be choosers. Both insurances are cheap, but you are rarely going to find doctors (there are exceptions) that will take the time to explain your problem to you, and include you in on how you want treated.

One last note, everyone here needs a plan. They need a regular doctor (a very well-educated general doctor) who is available in an emergency, and who has good records on you. In an emergency, knowing or not knowing anything about a patient that just came in the door (usually by ambulance) can be the difference between life and death.

Page 351 starts the list of medications offered.
Page 37 starts the medical treatments (starting with vaccines)

Dr. Sam

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Isn't Seguro Popular similar to IMSS? Don't they use the SAME hospitals?

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