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Gary sculptari

Nov 12, 2002, 2:55 PM

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Re: [Randy in AGS] What can you do when the Police are the drug dealers in a town?

I have been following this post with interest, and I wanted to add a point - in support of the ex-presidente. What he might be trying to communicate, with difficulty, is the movement among important political circles in Canada and US, to legalise/decriminalise marijuana. This will have been discussed at senior political/lawmaker levels in Mexico as well. This cuts across political boundaries - I believe one its strongest proponents, with a popular book on this subject, is a prominent Republican senator. It is a rational study of what could/would happen if government -(the police in a simplistic way) - took over the distribution of marijuana, in much the same way they regulate alcohol and tobacco. The cost savings, the 'society' savings, and the bite out of organised (and not so organised) crime is significant and persuasive.

I am not qualified, or willing, to get into a detailed debate on this subject, I just wanted to communicate that this notion of using police to monitor and control a government regulated soft drug trade has a lot of supporters. One of the most famous warriors of all time said 'know your enemy' and if there is to be a 'war' on drugs, this is a good strategy. This is why, for example, the government controls alcohol and tobacco - they hope they can better influence/control over society - for their own good. Of course the cynics might see it as just another government cash cow - but then again, why not 'tax' the consumers rather than pay out tax $$ for court costs, etc. This summer, the legalisation (government control) of marijuana in Canada came as close as it has ever been to becoming law.

Randy, it would be interesting for you to contact this man again on these issues - maybe buy him that book. It would be unfair to this man's reputation, and his family, if you took this in an entirely negative light. It is as scandolous as if the man said 'I love kids' and you took this to mean he is a pedophile! I would clear this up for your own reputation as much as ex-presidente's - as a new businessman, you don't need to make powerful enemies with government connections.

Heres an interesting link

Fox himself is on record for decriminalising

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