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Dec 18, 2011, 12:34 AM

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Re: [Papirex] Invalid Mexican marriage certificate

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Rex, WRONG! It is not CUSTOMARY to put a vehicle in two names with an "O", but it is legal. The first time, the dealership gave me a lot of static about it, but I forced them to check with the state, and they came back and did it with a smile. The second one was no problem at all. I've done it with two vehicles already, and my notary said I could do it on any further real estate I purchase.

Well, I've lived here for over 13 years, been in business here for over 13 years, bought both vehicles and property here during those 13 years and paid good money to both notaries and accountants for the best, legal, up-to-date advice on the Mexican law. I think I might have a reasonably good handle on what can and what cannot be done in México.

I won't comment specifically about your comments on joint tenancy or community property, as much of that is up to the courts, but IF the partners agreed to be subject to the regimen of Sociedad Conyugal, at the time they got married, the law is pretty specific, similar but not quite the same as NOB community property. As far as child support goes, the family courts (at least in Sinaloa) award child support nearly automatically, even it the partners were just in a "unión libre", rather than a formal marriage registered with the Registro Civil and performed by a judge.

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