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Dec 9, 2011, 7:40 AM

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Re: [Gringal] Chapala City Hall demonstration

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I am reading this with great interest. Chapala Payaso and I do not agree on methods but agree that this is a problem. I would not question his values or his reactions and should move on from there.

There is no doubt that the good ole American "Let's form a neighborhood watch" is too Andy Hardy in another place, with another culture, unless you are more like CP and could to become vigilantes. I can see it now, a group of "more mature" gringos patrolling a municipality, without weapons...never work.

I do not blame the victim either...those who did this are the murderers and need to be found and punished. Gringal is also correct. Resistance in the face of overwhelming odds is futile. It is a question of values. I think of the old Jack Benny joke, "Your money or your life?" "Waitaminunte...I'm thinking!" From what I have read, it is not necessary to go out with a lot of cash and stuff in your pockets, so what would you give up? Even here int he US, my wife carries practically no cash, does not wear flashy jewelry and neither do I. It does not take a genius to know that if you shine too much you will be notices. And unless you are ready and able to defend yourself, why make yourself shine like that?

In school, those who got picked on, "victims", would carry a little extra money to give to extorting "bullies". It was the way they learned to something for something more valuable. I feel sorry for this one deserves to be killed and make his spouse alone...but I could not see myself resisting.

But, this was not the reason for this long post. On another forum there was a story of a tourist couple who were staying in Ajijic in a rented house at the end of November and were robbed at gunpoint in the house. They reported the incident to the police and left the country to go home. Their suspicion is that the lock to the house was picked and/or the robbers had a key, as there was not sign of forced entry.

As someone who is coming down for a similar stay and, the following year, coming to retire, I have a couple of questions. Is home invasion a more routine occurrence? Has it been on the rise of late? Are tourists and "newbie ex-pats" more vulnerable? What are the steps to be taken to be reasonably sure one does not have a target on their back or their home?

Feliz Navidad

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