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Dec 8, 2011, 6:36 PM

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Re: [HarryinNM] Coffee Beans and Fresh Eggs in Colima

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LOL I thought that it was obvious I don't live in Colima. I live in Mazatlán and I doubt those eggs would be all that fresh by the time you got them back to Colima! But if you drive around any colonia (maybe called barrio in Colima), you will find a corner shop about every two blocks in every direction that has a sign out "abarrotes", which just means groceries. Most are too small to do a whole lot of business, but the larger ones with a selection of fresh vegetables as well as the usual convenience store stuff will often do a booming neighborhood business in basic groceries such as eggs, bread, tortillas (mostly flour tortillas, since the corn tortillas come fresh from the tortillerías that are about 4 blocks or so apart), milk and canned goods, and the larger ones yet may even have a butcher shop. You just have to look around. Once you see those eggs stacked up loose in the 30 (I think) egg flats, the way they come from the producer, you will have found your fresh egg supplier. I'm surprised you didn't find such a thing in the central mercado in Colima.

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