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Sep 21, 2011, 10:59 PM

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Trash day in Veracruz City

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One of the competing drug gangs of Veracruz city cleaned house, killing 35 of their opponents, without shooting them, and dumped them on the main highway towards 70 miles away Catemaco. OOPS, I shouldn't mention my city.

The war between the Zetas and the Gulf Cartel is now either in full bloom or ready to wind down. Of course none of the crap affected tourism except for the fly-in of some "important" people who warranted helicopters and thousands of imported police patrols on their way to their meeting near where the 35 bodies had been dumped.

Although only a few of the bodies,12 of them women and some minors, were identified at this writing, the intellectually challenged governor of Veracruz, famous for arresting twitter commentators, proclaimed, that all were criminals and the crime rate should now go down.

Of course, rightfully, everyone in Veracruz is freaked out. But I like to see this in a more personal way. Were there any "civilians", that is average people doing their thing in Veracruz, affected? Not that I know of, except for the ones that sold their photos of the incident.

Veracruz City is probably the most important port in Mexico for contraband. Supposedly the previous governor had an arrangement with the principal gang that apparently was not honored by the current governor,which encouraged the major competing gang to move in. Thus a narco war, a la Chicago in the 1930's.

Frankly, at present, today, if I did not live in the vicinity of Veracruz City, I don't think I would send my children to enjoy a museum. And if I had a friend coming from the north, I would say, take the bypass. But, I am sure, I hope, my attitude will change in the coming weeks.
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